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On the Ledge - a Podcast

For the past little while I have been working on a project that I hope will bring discussions on northern issues more to the public, and not just in the house of the Legislative Assembly.

This podcast is about my experiences as I maneuver the ins and outs of being a politician in the NWT and how I often find myself stuck on the edge of change at the Legislative Assembly.

First three episodes are up:

  • Episode 1: Ollie Williams and I talk GNWT Communications.

  • Episode 2: Mayor Rebecca Alty and I talk zoning, Municipal vs. GNWT structure.

  • Episode 3: Daniel T'seleie talk story based strategy, shifting the narrative in the NWT, and self-government negotiations.

Have a topic you would like me to talk about? Someone you think I should have a chat with on the podcast? Let me know!

Music in the podcast is by YK North Constituent Carmen Braden.

I have a link to the podcast directly on my webpage under the Blog Banner. You can also just click here and it will take to you the Spotify page.

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