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Northern Unity

Learning from others, and collaborating with others in the North. 

Greater Collaboration with Yukon and Nunavut

i. More shared research / education programs

ii. Greater air industry competition, increased routes

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 Increased interest in and involvement with other Nordic countries

i. Greater collaboration with Arctic Council Indigenous Peoples Secretariat

ii. Greater representation in meetings/talks with other Nordic countries

iii. More research into policies and strategies of other Nordic countries

>> It is no secret that many of the challenges faced by the Northwest Territories are unique to the region, but not unique to the territory.


>> It makes sense to promote GREATER NORTHERN UNITY via GREATER COLLABORATION WITH THE OTHER TERRITORIES, and GREATER INTEREST IN OTHER NORDIC COUNTRIES and their difficulties, approaches, and potential solutions.


>> The challenges we face in the North with extreme weather, ongoing and more recent colonialism, a small population base, food security, climate change, and a strong resource extraction economy is much different than what is faced down South.

>> However, Yukon and Nunavut, also face similar realities. Further to that, Scandinavia has many of the most progressive policies in the world when it comes to not only resources, economy, and environment, but also in their social justice systems. 


>> This platform must begin close to home with the promotion of greater collaboration with the Yukon and Nunavut Territories. Beyond that, we need to increase sharing resources to implement the policies and approaches of other nordic countries.

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