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How to Vote


Determine if you are eligible

You are eligible of you:

-are 18 years of age or older

-are a Canadian citizen

-have resided in the NWT since at least May 1, 2019



You can register 3 ways:

1) Online, at or

2) In person with your returning officer

3) At the poll on October 01, 2019, but this is a last resort!


Prepare your identification

The best ID to bring is your NWT Driver’s License or General Identification Card. 

*It’s free to update your Driver’s License or a Government Identification Card!


"What if I don't have ID?"

If you don't have ID:

1) Bring with you ONE document that proves who you are, as well as one document that proves where you live.

OR 2) Through Advance Polls or at your Returning Officer's office, you can vote if a) the Election Officer knows you & you know them, or b) someone can vouch for you on election day, saying you are who you say you are. 



There are many different ways to vote.

1) Vote through an absentee ballot

-if you are not going to be in the territory on election day

-apply for an absentee ballot. You can apply from August 19 - September 21 at or

-you can vote using the absentee ballot from September 6th to October 1st at 8 pm. 

2) Vote at the office of the Returning Officer

-from September 7 to September 29.

3) Vote Online

-apply to vote online through the mobile poll from September 17 to September 20.

-vote through the mobile poll from September 24 to September 27. 

4) Vote at the advance poll

-from September 24 to September 27. 

5) Vote on Election Day

-October 1st, from 9 am to 8 pm. 

2019 Territorial Voter's Guide

Check out these graphics from the territorial voter guide, that layout 1) what happens at a polling station, and 2) how the absentee ballot works. 

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